How to Cure Macular Degeneration

There are a lot of people around the world that suffer from macular degeneration. And the sad news is that these people are not informed about the cures to macular degeneration and so their suffering becomes worse and worse. However, this article is to change that. We want everyone to know about the cures to macular degeneration. One of the most effective treatments for age related macular degeneration is to use a daily eye vitamin that is an AREDS 2 vitamin.  These macular degeneration vitamins are the best method to reduce the risk of vision loss and to slow the eye disease.  However, we cannot mention all the cures; but we will mention the top 3 cures that are really helpful to anyone who suffers from macular degeneration. This article will be covering the cures for two types of macular degeneration: dry AMD and wet AMD. Here now are the cures. Here's a good read about vision and eyesight, check it out! 

1.    The cure for dry AMD is actually only a strict diet with lots of vitamins A, C, and E added to that diet. Because dry AMD very slowly deteriorates your vision, you still have a lot of time to fix the error and cure it. It is really important that you eat diets high in the vitamins we mentioned. Because vitamins A, C, and E are great ways to improve eye vision; your dry AMD will really get healed or will stop from getting worst if you take them. So if you suffer from dry AMD, you should consider changing your diet to a diet higher in vitamins A, C, and E. To gather more awesome  ideas, click here to get started

2.    One cure for wet AMD is anti-VEGF medication. VEGF stands for vascular endothelial growth factor. The VEGF is directly responsible for building new blood vessels in your eyes. However, the anti-VEGF medication will prevent the VEGF from creating anymore blood vessels. The reason why this cure can really help is because it blocks the blood vessels from producing more blood vessels that could very well worsen your wet AMD. Anti-VEGF medication can also shrink the blood vessels responsible for your macular degeneration, thus healing you from it.

3.    And finally, the last cure that we will mention here is surgery. Surgery for your macular degeneration involves removing all the abnormal blood vessels that cause the macular degeneration from occurring. However, you can never be sure that all your abnormal blood vessels are completely removed, so it is important to go back every month for a checkup. Removing the abnormal blood vessel will prevent your blood or fluids from leaking in your eye. And when these are prevented, you are preventing further damage from you macular degeneration. This is a really great cure that can help you with your macular degeneration. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.